Warehouse opening!

September 2021

Blessed to be a blessing, spreading the word you are valuable.

September was a special month.

  • We continued to meet every Sunday with our family on Jackson Ave providing a warm meal, non-perishable food for later, and some material needs. We were able to provide some groceries for families that have gotten to know us. On average 100 meals a week served.
  • Simultaneously, we sent two to three teams out with warm meals to the Sycamore View, Covington Pike, Summer Ave., and Downtown areas connecting with more folks.
  • Multiple events held in Gallaway, TN including grocery distribution, special gifts for the many children in the area, and lots of relationships developed.

Connect, connect, connect – consistently. Our aim is to provide some material needs but more importantly to let those who are looked down on in this world know they matter and are worth some time. The Lord has provided an avenue for this. Your support is appreciated.

What’s coming?

  • We aim to continue and reinforce current activities.
  • Some outstanding opportunities to partner with local churches have presented themselves. More to come…
  • We are praying about expanding grocery distribution to some Sundays in the areas around Jackson Ave. where we serve.

Call to action! We need you. Finances would be great. Prayer better. You, a true blessing. So many hurting folks. Some are just looking for a hand-out no doubt however we know everyone needs a true connection with His love. You and I can do that, we are called too. (That tinge your feeling in your heart might be the Holy Spirit nudging you to give it a try, come see us!).

Thank you for your support for EBM, Blessed to be a blessing!

August 2021.

Eternal Bread Ministry appreciates you. The heart of EBM is connection. We seek to consistently serve particular areas becoming familiar with and making connections with folks who need a bit of hope just to get through the day. Walk as He walked, love as He loved.

Thank you for impacting lives through EBM.

Jackson Ave:

  • We lost a friend of many years on Jackson Ave, Keith. He was found dead in shack behind a home. Don’t know cause of death but we know Keith had many struggles in the world and pray he is at rest now. Please know you helped us to minister to Keith, encourage him, provide him spiritual food, and make this world a bit less miserable while he was here. We pray some way he knew Jesus and believed. We pray he is at peace.
  • Served each Sunday in August serving meals, providing clothes, and spiritual food.
  • We began setting up tables and chairs to dine with our friends every week making more connections.
  • Would love to share more personal stories and interactions.

Beyond Jackson Mobile Ministry:

  • Mobile ministry took place simultaneously with Jackson Ave lunch
    • Sycamore View/Summer Ave.
    • Covington Pike
    • Downtown
  • Averaged 60 meals delivered through mobile units.
  • We are hoping to establish these teams and expand in the coming months.


  • Groceries given out twice in Gallaway.
  • We have had a team visit several times to say hello and offer prayer to folks.

June 2021 – sharing LOVE showing Grace

Summer in Memphis.

In Memphis during the summer months the heat can reach excess of 95 degrees with a heat index approaching 100 or more.  So, you can imagine how difficult it is for a homeless person to find refuge from the scorching temperatures.  As we pull up on Sycamore View to hand Logan a meal, he takes it graciously.  However, when we offer him a cold beverage his eyes light up, he quickly grabs the bottle, and holds it tight to his chest as he says thank you numerous times.  It’s amazing.  He doesn’t have a home, he doesn’t have a job, and he doesn’t have a loved one by his side but in that moment an ice cold, 16oz pure bottle of water makes him forget all about his disadvantages and he gives thanks for something we so easily take for granted. 

Did you know for $4.00 you give the gift of cold water to 40 thirsty souls?  That’s 10 cents a bottle!   For $40.00 you can provide 400 people with a cold beverage!

In Matthew 10:42, Jesus says, “..if you give even a cup of cold water to one of the least of my followers, you will surely be rewarded.”  This is God’s promise you will rewarded for even the smallest of gifts.

Jackson Ave. – Over 80 freshly cooked meals served weekly, 20 plus Blessing Bags distributed weekly, clothing and additional groceries provided. Most importantly connections reinforced, additional connections made, and Christ name lifted up.

Beyond Jackson – On average, twenty plus freshly cooked meals delivered to Covington Pike, Sycamore View, and Summer Ave. areas. Most importantly connections reinforced, additional connections made, and Christ name lifted up.

Gallaway, TN – Over 250 packages of groceries distributed over the course of the month. Multiple visits made by our Go Team in addition to grocery deliveries. Additional grocery items distributed. Most importantly connections reinforced, additional connections made, and Christ name lifted up.

May 2021 – sharing LOVE showing Grace

May 2021 has come and gone. June will be a year since Eternal Bread Ministry was birthed on Cotton Ridge Drive. Please know your prayer, support, and serving has impacted many lives in a positive manor. Our Father’s name has been elevated among many and our Savior’s name has been exalted.

Our Father has been so good. A much larger warehouse space has been made available to us with electricity. We will be seeking refrigeration equipment in the coming weeks. We are also focused on enhancing our Beyond Jackson Mobile Ministry.

Your prayers are appreciated and valued. You time and service are heartwarming. Your financial contributions are needed as you are led.

Thank you for helping us make a difference for Him.


Jackson Ave:

  • Over 320 hot meals served.
  • Over 160 Blessing Bags given out with additional food to sustain folks during the week.
  • Fruits and additional groceries given out.
  • Donated clothing given.
  • Donation of perishable items one Saturday a month.
  • Folks we’re there to minister to serving alongside us.
  • His Word shared, folks encouraged, prayer, connections.
  • Family dinner every Sunday.
  • J… was back to see us the last Sunday of the month. When we first met, he looked rough, no way around it. He was physically in poor shape and spiritually beat down. He may not be completely out of the woods but Sunday his countenance had changed, he said he was working a lot, and indicated things in his life were much better. If our part was just to say hello to J.. and give him some food, what a humble blessing!

Beyond Jackson:

  • Over 120 hot meals served.
  • Over 60 Blessing Bags given out.
  • Fruits and additional groceries given out.
  • Donation of perishable items one Saturday a month.
  • Made and making connections on Sycamore View, Covington Pike, Trinity, and beyond.
  • Prayer.
  • Continued development of this aspect of EBM
  • P… is likely between 22 to 25 years old. Her husband was/is in the hospital with multiple issues. At one point in May she related she was sleeping on the streets trying to stay in as public a place as possible to avoid being physically hurt. We see her almost every weekend providing what we have and doing our best to encourage her.


  • Over 300 boxes of groceries given out.
  • We have had a team visit several times to say hello and offer prayer to folks.
  • Spent an afternoon blowing bubbles and playing with some of the children in the area.
  • Special ministry to the Senior Section and Handicapped section.
  • Some of the folks in Gallaway look at us with such suspicion. You can see the questions in their eyes, “What are you doing here”, “This won’t last”. We pray and focus on simply sharing what we have and showing the love of Christ is the simplest direct ways giving what encouragement we can. His love overcomes.

February 2021 – sharing LOVE showing Grace

In Matthew 26 Jesus is approaching the time of His suffering, death, and more importantly His resurrection. A woman poured expensive perfume on Him. His disciples got upset.

 10 But Jesus, aware of this, replied, “Why criticize this woman for doing such a good thing to me? 11 You will always have the poor among you, but you will not always have me. 12 She has poured this perfume on me to prepare my body for burial. 13 I tell you the truth, wherever the Good News is preached throughout the world, this woman’s deed will be remembered and discussed.”

This woman whose deed will always be remembered prepared Jesus for His greatest sacrifice. We have the opportunity through the power of the Holy Spirit to care for the needs of the materially and spiritually poor that is among us.

Eternal Bread Ministry’s purpose is to carry this on; providing hot meals along with whatever else the Lord provides and making connections with those who need Him most.

December 2020 and the first weeks of January have been packed with ministry and growth.

  • Over 100 hot meals given out on Jackson Ave every week
  • Blessing Bags with food and hygiene items to sustain for longer periods given our weekly
  • Clothing, coats, shoes, blankets, children’s coats, and more provided
  • Testimonies and devotionals shared along with the Good News!
  • Connections made!
  • Over 70 boxes of groceries and snacks provided in Gallaway, TN weekly
  • Christmas decorations provided
  • Gifts bags for children provided
  • Prayed with and for several families
  • Connections made!

M… had her son Mason about a month ago. He was born addicted to the drugs M… was on causing multiple health issues. M… has dedicated herself to cleaning her life up so she can raise her child. We have visited her lodging, we are prepped to provide diapers, a car seat, and other items when things work out. We have prayed with her and seen her shed tears over the situation. Please remember M…

During prayer request a couple of weeks ago T… revealed with tears in his eyes he had cancer for the second time. No more surgery, only radiation and hoping for best. He lost his wife to cancer a few years ago. He was struggling financially and really scared. We prayed with him. He was found dead a few weeks ago, we do not know cause yet. He was calling out to the Lord when we met him. Now he is home.

R… lost his mother recently. He is now broke living day to day while he tries to get things figured out.  He thanked us for the food Sunday and the Blessing Bags that will help him survive another couple of days. Please remember R…

Those are just a few of the folks we have connected with the last few weeks. Our Father is moving.

Please pray we will be fully available to our Father through the guidance of His Spirit.

  • Please pray for those hurting in our area.
  • Consider joining us on Jackson Avenue, in Gallaway or our new service location coming soon.
  • Your financial support is needed and appreciated, so much more to do.
  • Peace to you in His powerful name.

Darryl Smith

December 21, 2020

That’s a wrap on 2020!

I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m ready to see what God has in store for 2021! Honestly, I know 2020 was hard on so many of you but can we stop and list some awesomeness that came out of this unprecedented year?

-The quarantine allowed some of us to spend a lot of quality time with our loved ones. I’m sure we all learned some very important things about each other and ourselves during that time. My family learned that there ARE more ways to move furniture around our small living room and that mom HATES doing laundry.

-We’ve seen God’s people really step up to help their brothers and sisters in Christ. The amount of food, clothes and prayers that have been lifted up for our community has been overwhelming.

-Some of us have learned how to lean on each other during this time but also realized how strong and resilient we are when we put our trust and faith in the one who knows us best!

Eternal Bread has made lots of steps forward since our launch back in September, which seems so long ago but in only 3 short months God has grown not only the ministry but those that are blessed to be a part of the ministry.

We have officially begun serving a new location in Gallaway, TN. Things DO look a little different as we have not yet begun to serve hot meals but we have consistently gone every Monday for the past 7 weeks and delivered more than 350 boxes of groceries to families in need in that area. Our Gallaway family is growing each week and as of today we deliver to 38 homes! We counted the children from those homes and we are up to 95 kiddos! Take a moment and imagine what that community can look like in 10-15 years once those children grow up and become servants of our mighty God. We meet every Monday in the parking lot of Christ Church Arlington at 3:30pm and car pool together to deliver the boxes and have an opportunity to pray for and with this community.

Jackson Avenue had their Christmas feast this past Sunday. The feast included master chef Terry’s specially seasoned chicken, honey ham, Elizabeth’s yummy green beans with bacon, Andres’ creamy mashed potatoes, Allysen and Janice’s perfectly chopped stuffing and precisely cut desserts from the one and only Kelsey! Next feast will be Easter 2021, stay up to date on when the prep night for that meal will be on the website!

We are so thankful to each and every one of you that have become part of our family through serving, praying or donating. As we close out this year we are asking you to prayerfully consider being a monthly donor to this ministry. Knowing what our financial income is each month helps us to be better stewards of all that God has blessed us with.

You can set up monthly donations through the website (go to the donate link on the home page) or set up a monthly withdrawal from your bank directly into Eternal Bread’s bank account. Just contact our treasurer if you have any questions about how to do that at (Darryl Smith).

ISAIAH 43:19 “For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.”

Come with us on this journey!! Love, Dionne

October 4, 2020

We Are Blessed!

Welcome to the second issue of Eternal Bread Ministry’s newsletter! We are so excited that you have partnered with us to help serve some of the hurting in this cruel and harsh world whether it be physically serving the meals, distributing blessing bags, donating items/money or being a fierce prayer warrior.  You are extremely valuable to our family and without God and his children we know none of this would be possible.

We officially launched September 20th with a luncheon event hosted by Christ Church. I think we had three times the folks that were expected from several different churches and walks of life. It was truly encouraging to see the enthusiasm and support as we turn this ministry over to His guidance. Huge thanks to all those who stepped up to help and especially to Christ Church who has supported this ministry for so many years. Christ Church is a Bible believing and teaching church with two locations that focuses on missions and serving. You can find more information at

Support is needed for continued growth. Our largest need at the time is warehouse or storage space and an area to work out of organizing supplies, doing administrative work, possibly even cooking. We recently received a large donation of non-perishable food items from Life Church to partner with their “Red Bag Giveaway”. It’s enough food to feed over 200 kids and their families for an entire day. That’s a lot of boxes! Go to to learn more about their missions and locations.

Please pray, think about your connections, and consider a monthly commitment. We also have a vision for transportation in the future whether it be in the form of a food truck or bus that can be transformed.

Our vision for this ministry is to reach the needy and hurting through a hot meal and some material items, but mainly through faithful weekly connections. Our Father has helped us create that at Jackson Ave. but there are so many other places to go in Memphis and beyond. It’s the connections that matter. Everyone matters and can make a difference. That was His message. We desire to carry that to all.

As we move forward through the rest of 2020 and into 2021 our goal is to launch a second site in January. We need volunteers. Now is the time to come out Sundays to experience what happens so a second team can be developed for the launch.

If you are a part of church leadership we would love to connect with you and members of your congregation that are interested. Please pray and do no more or no less than you are led to do.

In His name. Darryl Smith

Proverbs 11:24-26 The Message

24 The world of the generous gets larger and larger;
    the world of the stingy gets smaller and smaller.

25 The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed;
    those who help others are helped.

August 24, 2020

Message from the board of EBM

Welcome to the very first issue of Eternal Bread Ministry’s newsletter!  The board members are so excited that you have partnered with us to help serve in this ministry whether it be physically serving the meals, distributing blessing bags, donating items/money or being a fierce prayer warrior in this cruel and harsh world.  You are extremely valuable to our family and without God and his children we know none of this would be possible.

As this ministry grows and God continues to pour out His grace, love and mercy to His people we ask that our brothers and sisters pray that we always go to Him first and ask for His will be done, Matthew 6:10.  Also, pray for those who are being served and for those who are serving.  Those being served live in a world where the light is very dim and the burdens they face each morning seem great but none is Greater than He, 1 John 4:4.  For the ones serving, pray for a hedge of protection around them as we all know that when a miracle is about to happen the devil gets mad!

We look forward to seeing how God moves in our city and are truly thankful to be a part of this family.  Please feel free to email, text or send a facebook message of prayer requests, information on how to be a part of this ministry or just to send an encouraging word.     901-501-5872

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