We all have a story and all of us have come to a point in our own personal walk with Christ where we know that without Him we have nothing. Everything we have is because of how God has changed us from the inside and shown us love, grace and mercy. Our family can’t wait to show that kind of love to our community through our testimonials and our serving.

Terry Mohammed

As a child, I remember seeing my dad giving people money and buying them food and drinks. I literally saw my dad empty his pockets and give all he had to a family who just lost their home due to a fire. My mom also loaned or gave money to her family and friends who were in need. We were not rich people; we lived a very humbled life and were taught to always be thankful for what we had. As I reflect on my parent’s legacy I am reminded of my heavenly father; Jesus came, poured out His ALL, gave His ALL and told us to GO. Go do the same. Give, share, love one another as HE first loved us. My Jesus left me a legacy to follow in His footsteps. He, with the encouragement from my family, has instilled in me to give and keep giving. Honestly, I have not given enough that it hurts, I have not been able to give enough. BUT my Jesus said I have been equipped to do abundantly more.

2020-The Lord spoke into existence Eternal Bread Ministry, He placed the word full time on my heart and I hesitated. Then; in March Covid-19 hit our land and we were led to increase our hot meal service to our friends on Jackson Ave. “OK Lord, you got my attention now, you want me to cook and serve every Sunday.” That’s easy, I love to cook and I love to serve. But as you know my Jesus has a sense of humor and the Lord was preparing us for so much MORE. With His divine guidance we launched a non-profit ministry and have started to expand our outreach.

Here is a timeline of events to reflect on. See how great our God is to us who have been called by His name unto His will.

January 2020. He gave the vision of full-time ministry

March 2020. Started serving meals every Sunday

June 2020. Started meeting to form EBM

September 2020 Became a non-profit entity

October 2020. Expanded into Gallaway, TN

November 2020. Needed a storage trailer, He provided

December 2020. Needed a larger storage facility, He provided

December 2020. He provided a Ford Expedition and Dodge Ram

2021 – The Father is saying buckle up!!!

Elizabeth Cedeno

I love Eternal Bread Ministry for several reasons, but my favorite is, I’ve got to see Jesus move. Each week He provides in different ways and it’s breathtaking when you take a step back and see how He provides BIG for His plan. I love how I get to serve beside other believers just doing what we have been instructed to do by our Father. It always reminds me that Jesus meets us right where we are. I started coming to Jackson Avenue about a year ago, someone told my husband and I, “just come after church, it only lasts about an hour and a half” and I’m so glad we did! It has truly been a humbling experience.

March Smith

2020 marks 30 years I have been a born again Christian and I have served in the church.  EBM has been one of the most rewarding ministries I have had the pleasure to be a part of in those 30 years.  I get to show the love of Christ, help people in need and serve alongside some of the nicest and most hardworking people who share a love in a BIG God.  Every week I am humbly amazed at the people who come to see us on Jackson Ave.  They are there waiting on our arrival, they are kind and thankful for what we do for them and many of them offer to help US to set up!  They are hungry for more than food.  They are hungry for a kind word, a smile, a pat on the back, and to be told God loves them unconditionally and they matter to His kingdom.

Darryl Smith

When I think of serving on Jackson Avenue I think of connecting with those that are hurting. Yes, we feed them lunch and provide for some of their physical needs, however, the true blessing is seeing hope when you treat them with love and respect. The hurt and rejection in some of their eyes and on their countenance is obvious. You can see the spiritual scars from being beaten down over and over. You can see they do not think much of themselves. To experience a genuine smile come across their face or even the faintest spark in their eyes of a future hope or the smallest belief that they are more than just a blot on the face of the earth is more heart warming than I can describe. We all need the message and reality of faith, hope, and love, even “the least of these”. Thank you God for allowing me to be a part of this ministry. During the late spring and early summer 2020 I had the opportunity to visit somewhere around ten different churches. You see our home church was still online due to COVID19, but many were reopening. I attended various types of services. Some with suits, ties, and dresses, some with fancy upscale sanctuaries, and some with simple relaxed dress and atmospheres. Each had unique characteristics and messages supporting the gospel. The more I visited while at the same time helping on Jackson Avenue every Sunday I became convinced of something, I’m not sure Jesus would show up at these services. He would likely not put on a suit and tie or seek a sophisticated sanctuary with contemporary or traditional music playing. I truly believe He would come to Jackson Avenue or Sycamore View or the Union Mission… His documented life in the gospels seem to show this. So why would I not want to be like my Savior?

Dionne Mohammed

I’ve been part of this ministry for a few years now but became very hands on about a year ago when my husband felt a calling to make this his full time job. Of course, he still needs to make a salary so after lots of prayer and being still God laid it on my heart to go fully “in” and be full time to serving His people. I’m a mom of 3 and for the past 15 years I have worked in childcare for my church as well as in my community. I’ve seen firsthand that children who are stressed out due to hunger, home issues, family break downs and anxiety can not learn and function at 100%. My prayer is that through God’s children sharing love and showing grace maybe it will take a small burden off their shoulders, if only for that moment. We have become family to those we encounter and I look forward to fellowshipping with my family every week.

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